EAFIT University Language Center
Medellín, Colombia

The first fragment of the project seen from the geometric language is a piece of coupling to the topographic condition of the terrain. It also has a trace in its lines that we made from some drawings by Eduardo Chillida. We wanted to build a piece with a solid appearance more related to large monolithic masses.

The second fragment is a rectangular volume conceptually detached from the first, we make this separation precisely to achieve that duality in the project. In this volume the entire academic program of the language center is located, and its main characteristic is the tectonics of the South façade, which is made up of a system of 700 pieces of perforated GRC concrete to guarantee an exchange of air inside and act as a shield from the setting sun.

Juan Manuel Peláez
Juan Esteban Ramírez
Mariana Mejía
Daniela Cano
Catalina Aristizábal

End date: 2018

Photography: Juan Uribe/@skeye.photo