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Parque la luz (x)
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Plaza de la Luz
Public Contest, First Place. 2002
Great Prize Panamerican Architecture Biennale Awardee. 2006
Steel Pencil Award Winner, public space category. 2008
Medellín, Colombia

Three hundred light towers located in the square make up a forest of shade during the day and a forest of light at night.

The intervened area is 16,000 m2. The project had the scope of involving three buildings: two of them historical and one contemporary (El Carré, El Vásquez and the Library of Empresas Públicas de Medellín). This interaction was planned to allow direct public access from the buildings to the square. Previously, the marketplace that disappeared due to a fire was surrounded by vehicular lanes. As the old building did not exist, a vacant lot was left isolated and without any urban relationship with the other constructions. It was important as an initial idea to involve the activity generated by these institutions to reactivate the new Cisneros square almost immediately.

The space was configured as a meeting area and as a crossroads to other sectors of the city. Inside the project there is the largest open area for street events and urban shows. It was complemented on the sides with bamboo plants to increase the shade during the day.

Juan Manuel Peláez/Sculptor: Luis Fernando Peláez
Rafael Vélez
Ingrid Barragán
Juan Esteban Arteaga
Leonardo Bohórquez
Carlos Pérez

End date: 2005

Photography: Juan Uribe/